Amazonas – Cuzco – Pisaq

After the visit in the jungle, we were off to Pisaq. Visiting Inca ruins on the way we learned a lot about the Inca culture. They ruled a large empire stretching from Ecuador to northern Chile that was at it´s height of it´s power during the 14th century. The Incas capital was Cuzco, a high-flying Andean city.

The cathedral, Plaza de Armas in Cuzco

We also visited a place were lamas seemed to enjoy themselves waiting to get their wool shaved off to be yarn.

Cutest lamas

Lama wool

What gives the wools it´s colour

Great colours for my new sweather

Carpet in the making

In Pisac we went hiking for a couple of hours from one Inca ruin to another. It´s really impressive how the Incas managed to match the huge stone-blocks on the millimeter and build villages up in the mountains.

Hiking near Pisaq

When we were approaching civilization after the hiking, this old woman was making juice for thirsty tourists. Smartest woman and business idea ever!

Clever lady

There were lots of funny stuff to spot at the marked in Pisaq.

Lady in the streets of Pisaq

I was fascinated by the corn… «But… where´s only one yellow in there! What´s up with all the two-coloured ones?»

The most beautiful blue colour I have ever seen on a house is on a house in Pisaq.

Next up: Machu Picchu!



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