First days in Peru

The round trip in Peru started with a night in the capital Lima before we flew to the town Puerto Maldonado in the southern part of the worlds largest rainforest. From there a riverboat took us Eco Amazonía Lodge by the flood Madre de Dios where we spent a couple of nights. Waking up to the sounds of birds and insects was nicer than I expected.

Excited about the river and the jungle

The rainforest in Madre de Dios is know for it´s rich bird – and insect life. The first day day we spent in the jungle to look for birds, caymans (crocodilian reptile) and tarantulas. I didn´t see it for my self but my mom saw parts of a big fat snake too. We also went for a cayman safari in the middle of the night. The riverboat took us out on the flood and after turning of the motor we had to sit quiet for about 15 minutes. Looking at the stars when it was completely dark around made me feel pretty small. It´s one of my best memories from the trip. One afternoon was spent on a monkey island just a short drive by boat from the lodge. They seemed pretty used to tourists and had some subtle and some not so subtle methods for stealing cameras and water bottles. Their teeth are not for playing around with so I didn´t try to fight back when one of them had his eye on my bottle.

Monkey bussiness

Sunset over the Amazon river after visiting the monkeys

The bungalows at the lodge

Colorful wake-up call

To be continued…


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